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Agatha Christie, She Watched Book Launch

Deb, Teresa and Bill

From Left to Right: Deb (Owner of the Bookshop), Teresa Peschel (Author), and Bill Peschel (Author)


Wow! Talk about a fun day filled with snacks, book talk, and prizes. We had a great time with authors Teresa and Bill Peschel as our shop hosted a launch party for their book, Agatha Christie She Watched.

Teresa Peschel and her book

The book comprises over two years worth of binging on film adaptations derived off of Agatha Christie novels, whether it was filmed by American, British or any other country. Inside the book, there are ratings on a variety of constructive points for each one they watched. For example: how close was the storyline to the novel?

Now, some of you may have been to the movie screen talk that Teresa had given our readers back in February (for more on how that event went, please see Agatha Christie, She Watched). For the book launch party, we wanted to do something a little different than we had before.

To begin the event, Teresa gave a short talk on “Tainted Love” and how the classic love triangle is used in Dame Agatha’s mystery novels in ways that are still intriguing. This included two minute clips that gave our attendees a taste of the differences of movies over the years. We even had the chance to see the same scene being done by three different directors in order to see how each person visualized the story.

Next, was the ever so important snack break! Where we had clue-deducing cupcakes, a suspect-filled plate of cheese and crackers, and hard-to-crack cases of vegetables with dip (is your mouth watering yet?)

Veggies, Cheese, and Cupcakes

Our day concluded with a few rounds of prizes to be handed out with a little trivia bingo. Answering questions about the writer herself, the characters she brought to life, and the various titles from which they starred in, was a great way to end the event. The grand prize was even a signed copy of the book itself!


Author Bill Peschel and one of our helpers, Sarah, handling the prizes and game.


Did you miss out on coming to the book launch? Never fear! We have copies available in our shop where you can purchase them in person, online, or over the phone.

Interested in what else the Peschels write? Just click on the following link to be taken to their website.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderfully mysterious day! See you next time. #mysteries #books #bookshop #independentshop #mysterybooks #agathachristie And a special thanks to Barb Fellencer for taking the images from the day's event.


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