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May 2020

Episode #1 - A Conversation with Author Eliot Pattison

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A Conversation with Eliot Pattison

June 2020

A Conversation with R. G. Belsky

July 2020

Episode #3 - A Conversation with Kari Bovée

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A Conversation with Kari Bovée

August 2020

Episode #4 - A Conversation with Robert Forte

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A Conversation with Robert Forte

September 2020

 Took a break due to the holidays.

January 2021

Episode #6 - A Conversation with Vicki Delany

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February 2021

Welcome to our Podcast!

Mechanicsburg Mystery Presents … is a monthly conversation with mystery and thriller authors hosted by author and publisher Bill Peschel.

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March 2021

Episode #8

In this episode, Sherry Knowlton talks about her latest novel in her Alexa Williams Novels, Dead on the Delta, which came out February of this year. The main character is a lawyer that moved back home from the big city to live a quiet life in south central Pennsylvania. Instead of being able to achieve her woodsy serene life, Alexa finds herself mixed up in different murders and trouble, striving for justice. Dead on the Delta dives into the Serengeti of Africa and takes her down a dangerous path of poachers and murder. Our host, Bill Peschel, goes into various questions regarding her inspirations, what Sherry Knowlton's career in healthcare was like and about her main character's adventures that help help strengthen her along the way.



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A Conversation with Sherry Knowlton

Episode #2 - A Conversation with R.G. Belsky

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Episode #5 - A Conversation with Craig Johnson and Lou Diamond Phillips

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Episode #7  - A Conersation with Author Sherry Knowlton

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