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May 2020

Episode #1 - A Conversation with Author Eliot Pattison

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A Conversation with Eliot Pattison

June 2020

A Conversation with R. G. Belsky

July 2020

Episode #3 - A Conversation with Kari Bovée

Kari Bovée:

A Conversation with Kari Bovée

August 2020

Episode #4 - A Conversation with Robert Forte

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A Conversation with Robert Forte

September 2020

 Took a break due to the holidays.

Welcome to our Podcast!

Mechanicsburg Mystery Presents … is a monthly conversation with mystery and thriller authors hosted by author and publisher Bill Peschel.

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January 2021

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Episode #6

In this episode, Longtime bestselling author Vicki Delany talks about her home on a Canadian litterol on Lake Ontario, her multiple book series including “Dying in a Winter Wonderland” in her Year-Round Christmas Mystery series and her upcoming series set in the Catskills, and Canadian crime writers you should check out.



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A Conversation with Vicki Delany

Episode #2 - A Conversation with R.G. Belsky

R. G. Belsky:

Episode #5 - A Conversation with Craig Johnson and Lou Diamond Phillips

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