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Silver Gun

Author: Teresa Peschel

Categories: Movie Reference

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Care to match wits with Hercule Poirot? Take tea and gossip with Miss Marple? Chase spies with Tommy and Tuppence? Agatha Christie, She Watched will introduce you to must-see movies (and must-avoid dogs) that depict the hopeful and dark sides of human nature. These movies will tantalize you, mystify you, and make you laugh at the folly of humanity.

For more than a century, Agatha Christie has been thrilling readers with her classic mystery stories as well as dark thrillers that explore the heart of evil such as
And Then There Were None and Endless Night. Christie has also been a huge part of the world’s movie and television culture with more than 200 adaptations made from her stories.

Teresa Peschel watched and reviewed 201 adaptations, from the German silent movie
Adventures, Inc. (1929) to See How They Run and Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (2022). Each one was rated for fidelity to the original material and its overall quality. Each review takes up two pages and is accompanied by a banner image, six cast photos, a list of the major actors, the locations where they were filmed.

Foreign movies with English subtitles from India, France, Russia, China, Japan, and Germany are also represented.

Finally, there are eight movies in which the fictional Agatha Christie appears. Watch her debate Hercule Poirot about killing him in
Curtain, battle a space wasp with Doctor Who, and plot to kill her husband’s mistress.

Agatha Christie, She Watched is the only comprehensive collection of reviews about Agatha Christie adaptations. Use it to find the movies made from the novels and stories you love, fill in your movie collection, or hold an Agatha Christie festival of your own. Learn why Christie’s stories of passion and pain still grip the imaginations of her readers.

Agatha Christie, She Watched

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