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Malice Domestic 2022

From Left to Right: Sherry Ickes, Sarah Ickes, Louise Penny, and Deb Beamer

This year was our first year of participating at Malice Domestic as their bookstore for the event, and we had a great time meeting all of the authors and chatting up with the reading fans. In preparation for the weekend of panels, signings, and awards to be given, it all started back in our shop. Organization is key when it comes to that!

That may look like a lot of books, but that is only a small fraction of what we had to offer at the event! We first sorted out all of the books by author and packaged them for transport into boxes.

Next, one of our staffers made some new outer shirts for the event with our shop's logo and saying. Didn't turn out too bad, if I say so myself!

Once we drove down to the conference hotel, parked our vehicles, and scouted out where we were to set up, the next step was to haul everything into the building and unpack the plethora of boxes we brought with us. I am not going to lie, it was a LONG day, but it was really neat and the tables looked great! Alphabetically done, of course.

There were so many authors and mysteries, we lost count! But, not only was it an event for purchasing books, one could find really neat t-shirts and jewelry at a couple of tables in our room (as one of our staffers did). Everyone received a swag bag after checking in at the counter. It was full of free goodies and the program telling you where and when everything would take place.

And look who we found there! Bill and Teresa Peschel of Peschel Press located in Hershey. We had a blast selling books there and it will be an experience we will always remember!

From Left to Right: Sarah Ickes, Deb Beamer, Maureen Jennings, and Sherry Ickes.


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