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A Cozy Combo 2022

From Left to Right: Sherry Ickes (Employee), Anna Lee Huber (Author), Amanda Flower (Author), Julie Anne Lindsey (Author), Sarah Ickes (Helper)


On the 24th of April, we were delighted to host three wonderful authors at our shop for our FIRST in-person event of 2022, with the hopes of more to come. The ladies discussed about their respective series, each with more than one to their names, and answered an array of questions from our studies readers. Their personal journeys to becoming authors were inspirational and we look forward to seeing where their stories take them.

For More Information on the Authors:

Anna Lee Huber's Website:

Amanda Flower's Website:

Julie Ann Lindsey's Website:


Our helper, Sarah, was a last minute fill-in to kick off the event. After that, the ladies took over and gave us a conversation style panel talk.


Authors Anna Lee Huber, Amanda Flower, and Julie Anne Lindsey talked about pen-names, how their series started, and what was coming up next for them.


Before and after the informational part of the event, our customers had the opportunity to chat and have their books signed by the authors.



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