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Virtual "Next Chapters" Zoom Event with Authors Bill Peschel, Dennis Royer, and Sheryl C.D. Ickes

Author Dennis Royer is moderating and participating as one of the local authors on our April 11th event.


If you would like to see the recorded video from this event, please use the link below:

On April 11th, at 3:00 pm, we hosted our "Next Chapters" book event with local authors Dennis Royer, Bill Peschel and Sheryl C.D. Ickes. During the event, our three authors discussed their latest novels in each of their current series.

Bill Peschel

Author Bill Peschel has edited The 233B Casebook Series and has written two Sherlock Holmes Pastiches before embarking on his latest venture of The Complete Annotated Series of Agatha Christie's works. His latest in that series is entitled The Complete, Annotated Secret of Chimneys and during this event he read one of the essays from his book.

An annotated novel means that it has extra notes and explanations outlined in the margins of the story, helping the reader to better understand what is going on in the plot.

Dennis Royer

Author Dennis Royer has written the Perry County Mystery Series and The Story of Sing Young Adult series before heading into his New Perry County Mystery Series. His third book is entitled The Geezer and the Widow and a portion of his novel was read during this event.

His book centers on a retired Private Investigator who finds himself helping a widow find her husband she had believed to be dead for years. Their turbulent relationship slowly turns into becoming something else and the PI ends up having to make a major decision that will affect them all.

Sheryl C.D. Ickes

Author Sheryl C.D. Ickes has written three novels in her Slice of Life Mystery Series before heading into her new Becky and Rufus Cross Country Mystery Series that has been launched with her latest novel, Death of a Dispatcher. This event was the debut for her new series and a segment from her book was read during the event.

Her book focuses on the world of cross country truck drivers and when the main heroine, Becky, becomes the prime suspect in the death of a well hated dispatcher, things become dicey for her and her husband. Becky's name will have to be cleared soon or else Rufus will have to go solo.


Special Thanks to all our authors and our customers. Without your support, we could not do this! Below are the direct links to the authors' books if you would like to purchase a copy.

To Order "The Complete, Annotated Secret of Chimneys:"

To Order "The Geezer and the Widow:"

To Order "Death of a Dispatcher:"


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