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Silver Gun

Author: Dennis Royer

Categories: Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


When a widow struggling to raise a child with Down Syndrome discovers evidence her dead husband might still be alive, she convinces a grumpy, former private detective to come out of retirement to track him down.The last thing retired private investigator Art Presley expects during a visit to the supermarket is to be accused of harassing an anxious widow. Oil and water aren’t supposed to mix. The same holds true for Art and the widow Natalya.During a second fateful encounter, the widow tells Art she believes her dead husband is still alive. She has the audacity to demand he come out of retirement to help her. Not only that, but she has the nerve to expect him to help her for free!Although Art will never admit it, he finds Natalya intriguing and decides to look into her case. As Art digs into the evidence, he realizes Natalya is not such a crazy lady after all. After working closely together to uncover the truth, their strained friendship evolves into something more.Suddenly, Art is faced with a devastating dilemma. How can he reconcile his growing romantic attachment to Natalya with his mission to track down her husband?


The Geezer and the Widow - A New Perry County Mystery #3

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