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Mechanicsburg Mystery Presents... #14

Promotional sale that ran during the month of July 2021. The sale has since ended.


It is hard to believe that we already have 14 episodes of our podcast, Mechanicsburg Mystery Presents...

Each author has a different view to share and their own angle on life's events. In learning from one another, our opinions are widened and our minds opened to a plethora of possibilities. If you are a budding writer, a fierce reader, or someone looking for discussion other than the news, this podcast is for you. Please click on the link that will transport you to our YouTube Channel - MechMysteryBooks.

Our list of authors that have been on our podcast....

Kari Bovee

Eliot Pattison

R.G. Belsky

Vicki Delany

Greer Macallister

Sherry Knowlton

Craig Johnson

Lou Diamond Phillips

Sophie Hannah

Ellen Crosby

Charles Fergus

Misty Simon

Cordelia Frances Biddle

and now.... Steve Zettler


Each of our authors' books are available through our online store or by stopping into our shop during our business hours. #podcast #bookshop #authors #books #mechnaicsburgpa


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