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Author Libby Klein Signing Event

Libby at the Signing Table

We were beyond delighted to have author Libby Klein come by our shop on the same day that her latest book came out! How cool is that?

Mischief Nights are Murder is the eighth book in the Poppy McCallister series and takes place around the spooky holiday of Halloween. For more on what happens in the book, take a gander over the following synopsis from the back of the novel:

It’s spooky season, and gluten-free baker Poppy McAllister and her aunt Ginny are preparing some pranks for Cape May, New Jersey’s annual Mischief Night at their B&B. But jokes and games are pushed aside when a killer strikes… Poppy is none too pleased when her B&B is coerced into participating in the Cape May Haunted Dinners Tour during Halloween season. Though her knack for finding dead bodies has given the place a spooky reputation, the Murder House is a completely undeserved nickname. At least it used to be . . . While Poppy wrangles with some guests who can’t stop squabbling with each other—including a paranormal researcher, a very quirky pet psychic who freaks out her portly Persian, and an undercover tabloid reporter eager to catch her staff in a lie—one of them winds up facedown in a plate of tiramisu. And now she has bigger worries than getting her house TP’d . . .

Libby Signing a Book

Libby Signing a Reader's Book

Readers came in and had an enjoyable time talking with Libby Klein. We also had snacks and chocolate for everyone who stopped by.

Mischief Nights are Murder Stack

If you missed the event, but still want to get a signed book, you can catch her at our 2023 Mystery Cozy Fete happening in October. Sign-ups will become open in August. Or, you can order one of her latest books through our website by clicking here. Signed books are limited, so please do not delay!

For more on our different events, please check out our calendar page. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know by either phone, our "contact us" page, or via one of our social media channels. Thanks for reading and we will see you again real soon!


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