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30th Anniversary Celebration

Picture of our store sign on Nov. 8th, 2020 - exactly 30 years to the date for our bookshop.


This past Sunday our bookshop celebrated a milestone! We threw a parking lot party in honor of sharing mysteries with our community for 30 years. It was a smashing success with balloons, give-a-ways, and free food. Customers had to pre-register through our website, over the phone, or in-person before coming to this event. It was held from 1 - 4 pm and customers came and went whenever they wanted. We wore masks and gloves and our customers stayed in their vehicles as they drove around to the different booths for the safety of all who was there. The theme for our celebration with Nancy Drew's 90th Birthday! The booths were named after the characters in the Nancy Drew series.

Customers entered the parking lot where they were greeted by a volunteer. Each customer received a folder "For Their Eyes Only" with information and some puzzles within.

Volunteer Sarah giving guests their red folders and explaining what is in it.


Next, our customers drove to the next volunteer and she marked them off our registration list before motioning them to pull to the next booth.

Volunteer Marybeth talking to the guests before marking them off registration list.


The first booth was named after Nancy of course, and the proprietress of the shop, Deb Beamer handed out favor bags and chocolates to the guests. Free hand-outs were included in the favor bags and the chocolates are named after our shop by Brittle Bark Chocolates located in Mechanicsburg.

Owner Deb Beamer handing out favor bags to the guests as they drive up to her booth.

Owner Deb Beamer with Authors Bill and Teresa Peschel.


The next booth was named after Bess and one of our staffer members, Sherry, handled book order pick-ups as well as selling our 30th Anniversary Mugs and Bears.

Staff Member Sherry and Owner Deb Beamer at their booths.

Our handmade 30th Anniversary Mugs and Bears.


Entering the third booth, guests handed our volunteer their raffle ticket for a chance to win a bag full of goodies! Congrats to Dottie Y. for winning the raffle basket with books donated by Kensington Publishing.

Volunteer Dena at her booth.

Picture of the Raffle Bag.


The fourth booth entailed wish/prayer paper handouts by another volunteer. Instructions were included inside on how to send your wishes into the sky.

Picture of what the wish/prayer paper looks like.


The final booth was the food truck we had catering to our guests, The Potato Coop. Two volunteers took care of handing our customers' orders to the food truck and then delivering the orders to our customers as they parked on the side parking lot. They served a variety of potato items and entrees.

Food truck called The Potato Coop at our celebration.

Volunteers Beth and Sydney helping with the food truck orders.


Overall, we had a great turnout from our loyal customers and local authors. We would like to thank everyone who turned out for this event and for our volunteers. Without all of you, we would not be able to do what we do. THANK YOU!

Credit for photographs goes to Barb Fellencer.


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