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August 10

9:30 am to 2:50 pm

   Murder As You Like It Mystery Conference


           *Reservations Required*     


            Murder As You Like It is a one-day conference for mystery readers/fans. It’s a chance to rub elbows with your favorite authors and to meet new authors. Authors will talk about writing their novels and you’ll have a chance to ask questions. We’ve always been fortunate and pleased to attract wonderful authors and this year is no exception.

            And, there will be plenty of time to buy books and the authors will sign them for you.






For more information on the authors attending the conference this year, please click on the panels to see the authors, their latest novels, and a small bio.

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Panel 1: There’s a Mystery for Everyone Panel
  • Categories of mysteries include cozies, thrillers, true crime,
historical, locked room, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and police procedural.
Within those categories there is a huge variety of books.
Panel 2: Before the Book Part II Panel
  • Have you ever wondered what authors did before they started
writing books? Many of them have had (and still have) very interesting
careers. Our 2018 “Before the Book” event was one of the highest
rated events of that year.
Panel 3: Researching the Perfect Crime Panel
  • Whether the crime took place in a different century or in today’s
world, research plays an important part in the plot. Get a “fact” wrong…
and you might just hear from your fans.

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Murder As You Like It

Mystery Conference

Panel 4: Fiction vs Non-Fiction Panel
  • Which is harder…making up the details for a murder mystery…
or reporting on the actual details of a real event?
Master of Ceremonies
Bill Peshel.jpg
Bill Peschel
Read Dating Ringmaster
Mike Silvestri
Book Stack
Open Book
Crime Scene Investigator
Stare Down
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