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"Open Mic" Event

Joel Burcat and Shawn McLain


On December 8 we tried something totally new to our bookshop. We had an “Open Mic” event with 6 authors. Each author took a turn reading from their latest book. They have 5 minutes to read and answer any questions. We did a survey after the event was over. We are so pleased that at least 99% of the folks attending enjoyed the event and would attend another if we do it again. (99% because one person didn’t fill out the form)

Since this was so successful we’ve decided to do it again in 2020. We did decided, however, to change the name “Open Mic”…we weren’t crazy about that name because “Open Mic” reminded me of a comedy club where anyone can show up to do a comedy routine. After some thought, we came up with the name “Author Showcase.”. We hope you’ll join us at one of these events in 2020.


Joel Burcat author of the local based thriller Drink to Every Beast.

Odessa Moon read from her science fiction/thriller book The Bride of Dairapaska.

Shawn McLain is author of The Haunting of Sterben House. This book and his others fall into the categories of supernatural, horror and ghost.

Sandy Nork has written several short stories. She read from her first full-length novel Special Risk which falls into the thriller, crime, women sleuths and mystery/detective categories.

Jenny Allen, author of the Lilith Adams series - which falls into the categories of forensics, paranormal and detective.

Yvonne Schuchart has written several books. She read from her latest Return to Porter’s Hollow which is supernatural/horror.

Images taken by Barb Fellencer.

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