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Zooming with The Deadly Duo

Chatting with two new authors, virtually, at our shop...

Linda Norlander and Jay Forman were with us to discuss their latest releases.

We had a great time hosting our monthly, virtual author event with Linda Norlander and Jay Forman. It was their first time doing a virtual event together, and they were naturals! Bill Peschel, author and publisher, moderated the event and asked our authors a series of questions that ranged in topic and depth of discussion.

Have you ever wondered where an author comes up with the name of their main character? We sure did and asked that vary question to get two different perspectives on situation. Interested in hearing what our authors had to say... click on the video below to watch the full interview through our Youtube Channel: MechMysteryBooks

For more information about the authors...

Jay Forman was once a relatively sane television producer. Since walking away from the

cameras she’s been crazy busy adding mother and mystery author to her list of credits. Her focus

is now locked on sending Canadian travel writer Lee Smith and Jack Hughes (Lee’s best friend

with many benefits, not least of which is that he’s a billionaire philanthropist) to wherever bodies

are found.

Linda Norlander is the author of “Death of an Editor” and “Death of a Starling” from a Cabin by the Lake mystery series set in Northern Minnesota. Norlander has written award winning short fiction, non-fiction and humor. She is a retired public health nurse who wrote the award-winning book “To Comfort Always; A Nurse’s Guide to End-of-Life Care.” A former Minnesotan, she lives with her husband in Tacoma, Washington.

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