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Virtual Event with John L. Moore

We were pleased to host Author John L. Moore, virtually, this past week.

Due to life events beyond our control, aka Covid-19, we were saddened at having to keep postponing our event with this wonderful author. Thankfully modern technology made it is possible for us to stop the never-ending cycle and finally get to hear him speak.

John L. Moore is a local author who specializes in historical non-fiction books that are well documented and researched for accuracy. He has two series called "Revolutionary Pennsylvania" and "Frontier Pennsylvania." During this event, Mr. Moore went over the following:

"Who was that woman?

Nearly everybody knows that George Washington and the American army defeated the Hessians in a surprise attack on Trenton on the day after Christmas 1776.

But who was the mysterious woman who detained a Hessian colonel in Mount Holly, New Jersey, while Washington was marching to Trenton? An officer described her as the “exceedingly beautiful widow of a doctor.”

Two centuries later, nobody knows her identity, but by entertaining their commander on Christmas night 1776, she kept two battalions of Hessian soldiers – hundreds of men – 25 miles away from the Battle of Trenton – well out of the action.

To be sure, when the German officer learned of Washington’s victory at Trenton, he began an immediate and rapid retreat. History doesn’t say where the woman went."

If you would like to listen to the program, you can watch it through this post or on Youtube. It was a pleasure having Mr. Moore "at our shop" and we look forward to having him in person sometime in the near future.


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