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Stalking Stuffer Stories Author Event

Today, we had three authors talk about their respective books series in a Christmas themed event, something we tend not to do because of the busy season. R.J. Belsky, Wendy Tyson, and Don Helin were asked questions by our moderator, and author, Dennis Royer during this event. Our shop staff was thrilled to have these authors zoom in with us and we look forward to seeing them in person again someday soon. Check it out if you missed this great event when it was live or relive a great conversation.


If you are interested to participating in any of our events, please stay tuned by signing up for our email address or follow us on social media. You can also check out our upcoming events through the "calendar" page of this website. These author's books are available for purchase through our shop by online, phone, or in-store orders. #booktalks #authorlife #authorzoomevent #stockingstories #christmasevent2021


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