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Ellen Crosby Stops By! (Sophie Medina 3 Book Tour)

Bookshop owner, Deb Beamer, with Author Ellen Crosby as she stops by on part of her book tour for the third book in her "Sophie Medina" series, entitled Blow Up.


Our shop was grateful to see Author Ellen Crosby IN-PERSON again as we have reached our second year coming out of COVID. The third book in her Sophie Medina series hits shelves after an eight year hiatus from the second one, while she pursued her other series, "The Wine Country Mysteries." During her talk with us, Ellen Crosby discussed some of her inspirations behind the book and how an additional way of creative thinking helped ignite that spark. Through the use of mind mapping (thinking conducted on a more bilateral method) and the way our world has changed over the last few years, Ellen told us that she really enjoyed writing this sequel to Ghost Image.

The way Washington D.C.'s area has taken a dive from the effects of the pandemic are mentioned in her novel, despite the latest installation taking place only a couple of months after the second. As she drove around to the real places that are the basis for the locations in her novels, Ellen explained that she felt an internal need to include the differences. One of the topics discussed in the afternoon was how anyone can take two seemingly unrelated items, or scenarios, and connect them together in a creative way. That, combined with mind mapping, allows the author to deepen the relationships between the characters and strengthens the plot of the overall story.

Without giving away spoilers, photojournalist Sophie Medina finds herself in a situation where a homeless person and a supreme court justice are both dead, and both interlinked. Diving into a world that Ellen Crosby has discovered and researched within the realm of the homeless living in our nation's capital, her main heroine has to decide what to do when the people she trusts have secrets brought to light.

It was a pleasure to have Ellen Crosby be able to visit with us once again and we look forward to seeing what is next to come in her "Wine Country Mystery" Series, as well as for Sophie Medina. Interested to having a signed book by her? Our shop keeps a few signed copies from each of our author events. Let us know which one you are interested in purchasing, by filling out the "Contact Us" page of this website, and we will check our inventory.


Thank you to all of our customers who came to the event and we will see you at the next one! Didn't get to make it this time? Make sure that you are not missing out on our author events and special discounts by signing up to receive our emails, and newsletters, by either this website or in our shop.

Did you know that Ellen Crosby was a guest on our vodcast, Mechanicsburg Mystery Presents...? To watch the episode, click here.

A special thanks goes to Barb Fellencer and Sarah Ickes for taking photos and to our volunteers who help to make our events possible.


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