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Do You Know We Have a Podcast?

Our podcast has just released its 9th regular episode today with author Sophie Hannah.


If you would like to watch a taste of what of our podcast is like, please watch our teaser video at the following link:

Who does our podcast?

We are pleased that local author Bill Peschel interviews the various authors for our podcast. He owns Peschel Press with his wife, Teresa Peschel, and together they have multiple series they publish ranging from DIY books to annotated versions of great mystery writers. One of his latest projects is the "Annotated Series" of Agatha Christie's novels with The Complete, Annotated Secret of Chimneys being his latest addition.

Who has been on our podcast?

Different authors spanning various types of the mystery genre have been featured on our podcast thus far. We have had authors who write historical fiction mysteries, such as Greer Macallister and Eliot Pattison, to authors who write thrillers like R.G. Belsky. Not all of our authors are based locally - for example: author Kari Bovee resides in New Mexico and author Vicky Delany lives in Canada.

What types of topics are discussed on our podcast?

The topics are tailored to each author's own life story and are designed to match each of their respective novels. Author Bill Peschel dives into what their inspirations are that drive their writing and if reading as a child helped plant the seed of becoming an author. Their experiences are unique to them and gives us something to learn from. For instance, did you know that author Robert Forte has had some experiences with Hollywood? Or that author R.G. Belsky used to work for NBC News?

How can I watch or listen to the podcast?

Each of our podcast episodes are on our Youtube Channel MechMysteryBooks or you can find the links on the Podcast page of this website - Mechanicsburg Mystery Presents... for the latest on our podcasts. You can also listen to some of them through Itunes or through the podcast page.

How can I purchase one of their books?

The books discussed in our podcasts, as well as other novels the authors have written, are all available in our shop and some are available on this website through our online store - a more direct method of finding the books on our website is by typing the author's name in the search box located at the top of the website. We even have some of the novels signed by the authors!!

How can I have an event at our bookshop?

Are you an author that would like to have a Zoom event at our shop? Do you write mystery, horror, thriller, suspense, or science fiction? We can not guarantee anything, but we are willing to listen. Contact us through the contact form on this website and we look forward to hearing from you.

Special Thanks to all the authors who were, and are, willing to do our podcast. We learn so much from one another!


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