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Craig Johnson 2022 Author Event

We were delighted to have Mr. Johnson come back to visit with our devoted readers once again this year. It was a thrill to be able to hear his stories and for him to read a section of his book, Hell and Back, to us.

To start off the night, Mr. Johnson regaled us with an amusing experience he had with renting a car and how he was excited to get back on tour again after the pandemic. He also went into a short summary of Daughter of the Morning Star, Longmire #17, before diving into Hell and Back. The reasoning for this was because the town mentioned throughout that book is the setting for the Longmire's latest adventure that came out this year.

Mr. Johnson went on to say how much Walt learns about his family in this book. The story lines goes back to an Elk camp with Walt's father and grandfather when a shooting happens in the area. An area he does not revisit until years later in order to save someone from a car accident. During the rescue, Walt's memories resurface as he stares at a meadow he can see from a rock outcropping. While standing there, he discovers a gun that was involved in the killing of the man from years prior. And the disturbing fact, is that the weapon belongs to his grandfather. A gun that no one had on the hunt that day. And the mystery begins...

Our audience was engrossed in Mr. Johnson's reading of the first chapter of Hell and Back. It was the perfect teaser to wet their appetites for more.

Mr. Johnson listening tentatively to a reader's question.

And, as it is customary at all of our in-person author events, Mr. Johnson was available for signing books before and after his talk/read/question and answers.


We would like to thank Barb Fellencer for taking the images seen in this post and to Mr. Craig Johnson for coming back to our shop. And thank you to you, the readers and fans. Without everyone involved in this events, we would not be doing this. #craigjohnson #longmire #waltlongmire #books #readers #tbr #bookstoread #read #adultbooks #mystery #bookshop #mechanicsburg #pennsylvania #johnson #netflix #western #sherriff #walt #henrystandingbear #theredpony


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