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BIGFOOT and More...with Mr. Bigg (Talk on Cryptids)

richard bigg about to give his presentaion on Cryptozoology

Mr. Bigg, about ready to give his talk on Cryptids living in the Pennsylvanian Woods.


Last night, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Bigg give us a presentation based on Cryptozoology within our state; also considered to be called "The Hidden Zoo." To start off the program, Mr. Bigg began with labeling three main cryptids that he would be discussing. Between the giant snake, mysterious Mountain Lion cats, and Bigfoot, he dove into the history of how far back sightings had been recorded.

Heading into the caves, preserved in the drawings of Indian tribes from centuries past, we find that there are many references to each of the three Mr. Bigg was talking about. Some folklores even mention the above creatures, and describes "how" each of them came to be. From there, he moved onto the time period of the 1870s, and read to us the description a person gave the newspaper in the fall. To paraphrase, the wild man was seven feet tall, and coated in fur. The creature was on all fours, and was twice the size of a regular man. After going more into detail with the person's close encounter, he switched gears by fast-forwarding into 1985, and the idea that sightings happen to occur in clusters.

This particular one, published in a newspaper article down in Lebanon County, stated that two men saw an unidentified flying object and tree tops cut off as the lit air craft went through the sky. Shortly thereafter, sightings of Bigfoot and cat-like beasts were being seen over the next couple of months. Various accounts had stated that both the cat creatures and the wild man, have virtually no neck, though the cat has an extremely long tail as opposed to Bigfoot's elongated arms. There was also an increase of small animals that had gone missing, and one town even had numerous rabbits that were killed in one claim.

Now, in the state of Pennsylvania, the Eastern Mountain Lion is considered to be extinct by the officials. However, there are no state border lines to migrating animals and people have seen, and or heard them, too many times for them not to exist in our woods. But one of the unique characteristics of the "beast," that many people have claimed to see, is its blackened fur and white bellies with spots. According to Mr. Bigg, that is an impossibility when it comes to the physical make-up of our "non-existent" big cats. However, detailed accounts have even mentioned them back in the 1700s; even with accompanied hand-drawn illustrations and personal accounts of two cats being on display in England.

books displayed for selling at the event

A picture of his books for sale, and two castings that are credited to belonging to a male and female Bigfoot.

Mr. Bigg continued onto telling us about the giant snake, that has been found on both land and water. On one such time, a young boy was scared so badly from seeing the large serpent swimming in the water, that he swore never to fish again. And the very next day, two of his relatives went on the water to so some fishing, and came back with as witnesses to the same mystical creature. Many statements had the snake's length to be an estimated fourteen, up to twenty, feet, with a trail the width of a foot. Some have mentioned how it first appears to look like a log, and then the supposed piece of "wood" ends up moving on its own accord.

While our presenter's focus was in the Schuylkill River Region, he did reference an author, Bigfoot investigator, and former policeman, David Paulides, in regards to his work on studying up on the disappearances in the National Parks and possible connections to the elusive forest dwellers. According to him, along with an article published by PennLive in 2019, Pennsylvania is a hot spot for sightings and ranks third with California and Washington beating us out for first and second, respectively.

snack table ready for the evening

Our snack table, complete with "I Believe" napkins, at the ready for the event to begin

If you are interested in purchasing one of his books, entitled Strange Stories from The Skulking Stream: Paranormal Tales and Folklore of The Schuylkill River Region Volume 1: The Hidden Zoo, we have signed copies available for purchasing.

A special thanks to our staff, and to Mr. Richard Bigg of course, for putting together our first PROMM of 2024! It was certainly a great way to start, and we look forward to the next installment of our program, happening on June 26th with James Rada Jr.'s talk on Gettysburg. Until next time, thanks for reading! #bigfoot #pasightings #ufo #cryptozoology #crypto #beast #hiddenzoo #bigfootsighting #wildmanbigfoot


Photo credit goes to Sarah Ickes, and the evening's note-taking goes to Mr. Shields.


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