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A Holiday Sampling: An Author Showcase

Back Row from left to right: Michelle Haring, Deb Beamer, Nancy Hughes, Sarah Ickes

Front Row from left to right: John Wasowics, Victoria Kreysar


For our last in-person event of 2022, we were elated to have FIVE local authors come and talk about their books with our loyal customers. The set-up was not our usual panel, but rather that of an open mic style where each author walked up to the podium and talked about his, or her, book for approximately five minutes. It was up to the discretion of the author on what they would talk about or if they read a section of their book for the audience. There was a variety of genres represented in the group, ranging from historical fiction, to cozy mystery, to adventure, to supernatural, and beyond.

First up was Michelle Haring with her cozy mystery book, Death of a Saleswoman, and it is the first in her Death Motors series. In her story, the main heroine has a college degree she realizes is unusable and goes to work selling cars. One day, she arrives to find a woman killed in one of the cars within the showroom, looking eerily similar to actress Isadora Duncan when she passed. Because as we all know, selling cars can be a cutthroat business for both saleswoman and customers.

Author Nancy Hughes was up next with her latest novel in the Trust series, Buried Trust, featuring a mystery that happens in a farm house where something dastardly occurred centuries beforehand. As a criminal enterprise starts up at the farm close to the Hennings, they lead an investigation into the night activity, zoning violations and a violent foreman that might take them too far. And perhaps, into their own farmland's killer history.

Coming in at three, we had a new local author named Sarah Ickes join us in the front as opposed to her normal role behind the scenes at our shop. She discussed her second installment in the Murial Robertson series, set in 1880s America. When Murial's mother is invited out west to California, she accompanies her on a journey that tests Murial's trust in her friends, belief in herself, and her ability to outwit a criminal bent on revenge. Rolling across the country on an ill-fated train ride, the past might win out once and for all.

Local Author Victoria Kreysar read a section from her book, Genesis, a mystery and action adventure following a thief named Harlow. The prize is none other than the Garden of Eden, hidden along a historical path where Harlow a misfit gang of assassins and hardware store managers take on the task of discovering where the true location of the garden lies. Being pursued around worldwide adventure, one might begin to wonder what could be hidden inside?

Last, but not least, Author John Wasowics went into discuss on his latest book, Gadsby's Corner, and how his experience as a lawyer plays into his story lines. Especially when his characters gather at Gadsby's Tavern Museum for a murderous nightly fun. But instead of "ooooos" and "aaaahhhhhs," a murder takes place during the skit and a local prosecutor is left trying to solve the crime as all of the patrons are trapped inside due to a ferocious storm. Can the prosecutor finger out the culprit? Maybe will a little supernatural help he can.

Author Nancy Hughes about to sign one of her books.

Author Michelle Haring signing a copy of Death of a Saleswoman.

Author Sarah Ickes about to sign a copy of her first novella for Misty Simon. (We are so loving that shirt!)

Author Victoria Kreysar signing her book, Genesis, for a customer.

Author John Wasowics having an interesting conversation with a reader. (Even Mr. Bones is listening in!)

We would like to thank all of the authors who attended, to all of our loyal readers/customers, and to our staff for making this event not only possible but fabulous! Without each and every one of you, we could not do what we do. And a special shout out to Barb Fellencer for taking the images seen in this post. Thank-you! #authors #mystery #mysterybooks #authorslife #bookshop #mechanicsburgpa #cozy #cozymystery #paranormal #historical


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