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Sherry's Book Signing Party

Sherry Ickes discussing her book series at her book signing party.


We were pleased to host local author Sheryl C. D. Ickes this spring. She talked about her upcoming series, based upon a female trucker who finds herself in a murder mystery while over the road. Sheryl, a former trucker herself, talked about how her experience has given her a lot of material to draw upon, despite the fact that she didn't run into any murders herself while cross-country driving.

Her current series, “Slice of Life Mystery," is about a small town cake decorator who finds herself in the middle of murder mysteries to solve. Alex Jean Applecake finds herself suspected of murder with the first novel, "It Only Takes A Bite," when the groom dies after eating one piece of his wedding cake that Alex created. Her next adventure takes her camping where anything and everything goes wrong in "Murder in the Woods." The latest novel, released last year, took Alex into the Christmas spirit with "A Murderous Christmas" and a special little ornament that is truly an unknown treasure.

Sheryl is based out of south-central Pennsylvania and lives with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. She used to be a cake-decorator for over 20 years and has used her knowledge and experience within her novels. We can not wait to read the first novel in her next series.

Credit for the photo goes to Barb Fellencer.

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