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Murder As You Like It Mystery Conference

(Authors Nancy Hughes (left) answers a participant’s question while Jane Kelly looks on.)

We were pleased with the way that our conference turned out. Our guest speakers did a great job and were engaging with their talks. The favorite session at the conference continues to be speed dating. Each author goes to a different table and talks to those folks about their book(s). After 4 minutes, the authors move to another table for 4 minutes and so it continues...allowing everyone at the conference to ask questions.

**We are very grateful for these wonderful photos taken by Barb Fellencer. Thank you.**

Authors Greer Macallister and Randall Silvis “face” their fans during speed dating.


Authors Don Helin, Beverly Early, Eleanor Hughes and Dennis Royer answer questions and talk about their writing (each one facing forward).


Authors Randall Silvis and Don Helin preparing for their panels.


Our luncheon speakers were Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris who write steampunk thriller series. ___________________________________________________

Pip and Tee sign books for their fans. ___________________________________________________

Our MC, Author Bill Peschel (with the hat). Seated behind him are members of the “Master of Puppets” panel. Barbara Early took the title of the panel presentation seriously as she brought her buddy with her :). Panel members include moderator Dennis Royer (left of and behind Bill), Barbara Early, Don Helin, Nancy Hughes and Jane Kelly.


Authors Nancy Hughes (left) answers a participant’s question while Jane Kelly looks on.


What would we do without our great staff and volunteers!


Message from Deb Beamer - owner of Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop:

The following people deserve mentioning for their support and help in making this conference happen.

Authors: Without your willingness to participate this conference would not have been possible.