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Christmas In November 2017

Panel of authors for Christmas in November 2017:

Left to right: Moderator and Author Dennis Royer with authors Con Lehane, Bethany Blake and Eliot Pattison


We were pleased to have four wonderful authors at this event. The theme for the panel was “Diversity in Mysteries.” Each author, as you will see below, writes a totally different kind of mystery than the other 2 on the panel.

Dennis Royer is the author of a Perry County mystery series, a post-apocalyptic thriller and a young adult thriller series. He asked great questions about

research for their novels, any subjects that are taboo, how

they choose their subgenre and more.

Con Lehane writes a “Soft-boiled" mystery including his Bartender Brian McNulty series and 42nd Street Libraryseries. Bethany Blake’s “Cozy” books are in her “Lucky Paws Petsitting series. Eliot Pattison writes the “Historical” Mystery of Colonial America series, the post-apocalyptic “Ashes of the Earth” and the “Historical/Police Procedural” Detective Shan series.

We have a few signed editions of all of these authors books in the shop.

Our thanks go out to all of our wonderful customers who attended the event and to the great authors who were willing to talk about their books.

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