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Silver Gun

Author: Steve Hockensmith

Categories: Mystery/Historical/Western

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


In 1893, down-on-their-luck cowboys and wannabe detectives Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer receive an urgent summons. The brothers are to come to the World’s Columbian Exposition — the world’s fair being held that year in Chicago. McClure’s Magazine is about to reveal the truth behind the death of Old Red’s hero, Sherlock Holmes, and to drum up publicity it’s sponsoring a mystery-solving contest. Renowned detectives from around the globe will be vying for the title of World’s Greatest Sleuth! And Big Red and Old Red, much to their surprise, find themselves in the running. But the competition has barely begun when the organizer is found dead under suspicious circumstances. Is one of the sleuths trying to cheat…or have Big Red and Old Red stumbled upon a conspiracy that could shake the Exposition’s fabled “White City” to its very foundations? Soon, winning the contest is the least of the brothers’ worries. They have to make sure they’re not the next victims!


World’s Greatest Sleuth - A Holmes on the Range Mystery #5

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