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Silver Gun

Author: Tom Tancin

Categories: Detective/Thriller

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


Lindsey Scott, the best profiler in the country, takes six months vacation from her stressful and grueling job in order to reconnect with her children. As she begins her first vacation in years, she realizes she's facing her scariest case yet—the task of raising her teenagers, something she avoided up to this point.

When brutal murders begin happening across the country, and no one can figure out who's responsible, Lindsey has no choice but to return to work. With the clues in front of her, Lindsey realizes that while there's one trademark—a blood red eye—left at every murder scene, there's actually more than one murderer involved. But what is motivating the killers to work together? And how are they picking their victims?

Pressure adds as bodies continue to turn up on practically a daily basis. Lindsey goes on a cross country hunt to put an end to the killing spree. But catching killers is a difficult task—even more so when you don't know how many there are. And when Lindsey finally gets close to solving the case, one of the killers targets her fifteen year old son. With time running out for her son, Lindsey must race to put the pieces together and find the killers before it's too late.

Watched (Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries Book #2)

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