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Silver Gun

Author: John DeDakis

Categories: Thriller/Suspense

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


Just as young journalist Lark Chadwick is about to begin her new job on the cops and courts beat, she discovers the body of a strangled girl - the first victim of a serial killer. Lark's got the inside track, but there are complications: jealous rivals in the newsroom, her job in danger, a hunky colleague who becomes a suspect, a superstar athlete with anger issues. And just who is that mysterious bag boy at the local market? With the help of her friend and mentor Lionel Stone, Lark's nerve is tested like never before in a dramatic life or death showdown with the killer.


Troubled Water is the third installment in the Lark Chadwick mystery suspense series written by long-time CNN journalist John DeDakis.

Troubled Water - Lark Chadwick Mystery 3

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