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Silver Gun

Author: Dennis Royer

Categories: Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Trevor Dunne benefits from a life of privilege. Thanks to his father, a powerful state senator, Trevor enjoys a plum job as an intern for a state agency. He has been accepted into a prestigious law school. He is also destined to marry Afton, his childhood sweetheart, a beautiful, intelligent, aspiring medical doctor. Despite these blessings, Trevor experiences deep discontent. With the approaching responsibilities of adulthood, Trevor questions whether he is living his own life or one carefully laid out for him by his controlling parents. When Trevor's grandfather, Steve, inherits a hidden fortune in gold coins from a reclusive neighbor, Trevor scours the mountains of Perry County, Pennsylvania searching for the buried treasure. Unknown to him, a brutal killer stalks the entire Dunne family intent on stealing the coins. As the killer closes in, Trevor's quest uncovers a path that could take his life in a new direction and reveals that not all treasures are made of gold.


Treasures - Legacy Perry County Mystery #2

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