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Silver Gun

Author: Sarah Ickes

Categories: Traditional Mystery/Historical Fiction

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


1. The Serpent's Star - In the late 1880s, Murial Robertson has the unusual job of being a part of her father’s security detail and he recieves a letter threatening his life. Trying to keep her controlling father alive, Murial heads to the town of Conestone where she implores the help of her cousin, Walter, and the town’s sheriff, Jack, before her own life takes an abrupt turn.


2. Angled for Revenge - First, the voice, Second, the note. Third, the bullet! And it all began with an invitation from a man named Bernard Shetron. Since coming back home from Arizona, Murial Robertson has been enjoying her new life running the old family farm with her cousin, Walter, and her friend, Jack. That is, until an unidentified prowler is spotted on their land and her mother decides to embark on a journey to California with Mr. Shetron. When Murial and Jack accompany them, the trip takes a nasty detour into treacherous waters. Someone is determined to seek vengeance for what happened a year ago and they won’t stop until both Murial and Jack are dead.


3. A Counterfeit of Death - Dear Revanche, If I were to write down all that has transpired since your untimely demise, the words would fill an entire journal alone. Since I have heard your name, my life has been set upon a tidal wave of an adventure. Over the last few weeks, I have been followed for hundreds of miles, been charged with murder, betrayed my cousin’s trust, partook in stolen food, was captured by men working for Senator Drouther, shot at by bullets of all calibers, tracked down a large shipment of gold to a small town in the mountains, and met your aunt and name a few things. As I stood in front of the wooden cross marking your grave, your aunt handed me this journal. Reading it, I feel a kinship toward you. You once told your aunt that your past would come back, and now it has been put to rest. Let us hope that I can do the same, after I find out who really had my father killed.

Murial Robertson Series

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