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Silver Gun

Author:  Matty Dalrymple

Categories:  Psychic Thriller/Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type:  Trade Paperback


Ann Kinnear thought the job was just another sensing-for-hire ...

... until she realized that the woman in the Philadelphia townhouse was the victim of murder.


Will Ann be able to bring the victim's killer to justice—or will she pay the ultimate price herself?


Ann Kinnear has created a peaceful existence at her cabin in the Adirondack woods. But the calm is shattered after socialite Elizabeth Firth is reported missing. With few clues and fewer options, Detective Joe Booth calls upon Ann's spirit sensing abilities to help solve the mystery, and to uncover what Elizabeth's husband is hiding beneath his cloak of wealth and privilege.


As Ann is drawn deeper into a web of lies and betrayal, will its fatal threads snare her as well?

The Sense of Death - Ann Kinnear #1

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