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Silver Gun

Author: Gigi Pandian

Categories: Cozy Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


A locked-room mystery at a Paris mansion. A supposed ghost haunting a French family who looted treasure from Cambodia.A reclusive thriller author writing a novel in honor of historian Jaya Jones—is it a work of fiction or a devious device to lure Jaya into solving a chilling mystery?Three unsolved murders spanning seventy years have befallen the same French family, each taking place two nights before Christmas at their Paris mansion—and blamed on the family ghost. When Jaya realizes the truth hits closer to home than she realized, she must risk everything as she flees San Francisco for France and Cambodia to find a missing sculpture known as the Serpent King and stop a flesh and blood killer.


The Glass Thief - A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery 6

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