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Silver Gun

Edited by: Bill Peschel

Categories: Annotated

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


WHEN A CHURCH ARCHITECT finds a naked man in his Battersea bathroom, Lord Peter Wimsey is on the case! The aristocratic amateur detective, accompanied by his camera-bearing manservant Bunter, follows a trail of blood as he pursues stock market manipulation, medical malpractice and Lord Brocklebury's edition of Dante. But the curious case of the bathing body turns darker and deadlier as Lord Peter uncovers a ghastly crime.


PUBLISHED IN 1923, WHOSE BODY? was Dorothy L. Sayer's debut novel. "The Complete, Annotated Whose Body" contains more than 40,000 words of commentary on Sayers' novel and her world, helping readers to deepen their understanding and enjoyment of one of mystery's great detectives.



* More than 500 notes on English history, aristocracy, religion, society and literature.

* Three maps of London showing locations important to the novel.

* Essays about England in the 1920s, such as anti-Semitism, finance and crime.

* Timelines of the life of Dorothy L. Sayers and Lord Peter Wimsey's cases.

“The Complete, Annotated Whose Body?” makes a unique gift for a Sayers fan, and a wonderful reintroduction to the compelling world she created.

The Complete, Annotated Whose Body?

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