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Silver Gun

Edited by: Bill Peschel

Categories: Annotated

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


A world war is over but Great Britain is still menaced by its enemies. Recently released from their wartime service, Tommy and Tuppence are young, energetic . . . and broke. Joining forces, they advertise that they’ll do anything for money.


When they’re hired by the government to hunt for a missing treaty, they discover a plot led by the mysterious “Mr. Brown” to destroy the nation! Can Tommy and Tuppence defeat Bolshevists, Sinn Feiners, trade unionists and Labourites and save Britain in her hour of peril?


Agatha Christie created intricate stories of murder and mayhem that have enchanted millions of readers worldwide. Bill Peschel, author of “The Complete, Annotated Mysterious Affair at Styles,” “The Complete, Annotated Whose Body?” and “Writers Gone Wild,” reads between the lines of Christie’s first thriller and tells the fascinating stories behind it.


“The Complete, Annotated Secret Adversary” contains:

More than 700 footnotes describing words, idioms, people, places and contemporary events. Essays on Agatha Christie, her battles with the tax man and her 11-day disappearance that shocked the nation.

Essays on Britain, flappers, spy scandals, and the world after World War I.


“The Complete, Annotated Secret Adversary” makes a unique gift for a Christie fan, and a wonderful reintroduction to the compelling world she created.


The Complete, Annotated Secret Adversary

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