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Silver Gun

Author: Jane Gorman

Categories: Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Philadelphia Detective Adam Kaminski travels to France to find the truth about his great-grandfather’s life — and unearths more than he bargained for.

Just as Adam arrives in the village of St. Honoré, a local lavender farmer is brutally killed. The war that Adam's great-grandfather fought may be the reason he is dead. The legacy of Nazi-era collaboration and resistance is alive and kicking among the locals. While some villagers want to drag St. Honoré into the modern world, others want to hold on to the past, the old way of life and old memories. But old memories, like old wine, can turn bitter.

When Adam's new friends, American ex-pats living in St. Honoré, get caught up in the conflict, Adam has to step in to find the real killer. As he peels back the layers of lies around the murder, he also realizes the truth about his great-grandfather might be more complicated than he ever imagined.

Now Adam has to choose between letting old ghosts lie or digging into the past to uncover the bitter truth about a killer, no matter how painful for St. Honoré — and his own family pride.

The Bitter Truth: Adam Kaminski Mystery Series #6

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