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Silver Gun
  • AWARD WINNING FAMILY GAME: Fun for the whole family. Simply Suspects was designed to be perfect for players of all ages. The rules are simple and easy to learn with enough strategy to keep it intriguing for kids and adults. Kids can work on their detective skills using deductive reasoning , logic , math and critical thinking to uncover the identities of other suspects.
  • STRATEGY GAME: Simple concept with complex strategy. Suspects operate in the dark shadows trying to hide their villainous intentions , using their wits to guess their opponents identity. Players need to think strategically to keep their suspect card a secret , but risk giving hidden information away while changing the clues
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY: Simply Suspects can be played with the original rules or multiple variations designed for team play. Players are using deception, codenames, betrayal and cooperative play to escape the grand jury.
  • FAST AND EASY TO LEARN: This Popular Mystery Game has elegantly simple gameplay, and can be learned in under 10 minutes and enjoyed time and time again.
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND PLAYING TIME: This family and adult board game can be played with 2 to 6 players. The average playtime is 15-30 minutes and offers a new twist on the original hidden identity detective games.

Simply Suspects

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