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Silver Gun

Author: Phillip Hunter

Categories: Military/Historical/Thriller

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


The first in a new crime series set in Britain in the late 1930s. Max is an impecunious journalist married to Martha, the daughter of a wealthy family who disapprove of their son-in-law. Max discovers members of his old platoon from Passchendaele are being knocked off one by one. With the police believing Max is the murderer, he’s forced to go on the run (with his very capable wife) to solve the murder. Will he solve the crime or will the murderer or police get to him first? With humor, style, a fair amount of reckless foolishness, and the help of Winston Churchill, they uncover Nazi sympathizers in the British High Command. This is an action-packed caper, cleverly plotted with engaging characters.


Murder Under A Green Sea - A Max and Martha Mystery #1

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