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Silver Gun

Author: Sheryl C. D. Ickes

Categories: Cozy Mystery / Amateur Detective

Condition: New Signed Edition

Book Type: Paperback


Alexandra Applecake owns a cake bakery and supply shop in a small Pennsylvania town. After delivering a wedding cake, the groom dies after taking just one bite. Alex becomes the prime suspect and her bakery is closed. She decides to investigate and clear her name and reputation. Through the ensuing investigation, close friends and even the police start to look guilty. Alex has a secret connection to the victim that incriminates her. Through her investigation, she questions her staff and friends. She finds that she is not the only one with secrets nor the only one with a good motive. Danger follows Alex everywhere she goes. Alex begins to wonder if she will survive her first investigation.

It Only Takes A Bite – A Slice of Life Mystery #1

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