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Silver Gun

Author: Gabby Allan (aka Misty Simon)

Categories: Romance Cozy

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


1. Much Ado About Nauticaling - After far too many years in the Los Angeles corporate world, Whitney Dagner has come home to Santa Catalina Island off the California coast to help her brother Nick run Nautically Yours, the family tourism business.  When the self-proclaimed "Master of the Island," Jules Tisdale, who was about to be honored as Person of the Year, is found strangled with his own tie and tossed into the water, suspision falls upon Nick. To clear her brother's name, Whit will have to investigate Jules' shady associates and not exactly grief-stricken family members--with the unwelcome help of Felix Ramirez, police diver and Whit's ex-boyfriend who's looking to rekindle their relationship.


2. Something Fishy This Way Comes - Since returning home from mainland California and finding her groove with the family tourism business, Whitney Dagner’s daily routine has become a wonderfully chaotic adventure. But before Whit can get too comfortable in the place where she grew up, a gift shop order leads to a stunning discovery—someone’s dead body . . .One of Whit’s best boat tour client’s, Leo Franklin was young and newly engaged when he unceremoniously took his own life. As a bitter, generations-long feud between Leo’s kin and the local Ahern clan comes to a head, Whit and her police diver not-so-ex-boyfriend must lead a dangerous investigation into years of scandal and bad blood to figure out who’s innocent . . .and who’s covering a killer’s tracks.


3. Not All That Glitters is Old - When she’s not piloting a glass bottom boat, Whit sells seashells by the seashore—to help keep her family shop, Nautically Yours, afloat. Especially Whit’s grandmother Goldy, a fun and feisty senior who always marched to the beat of a different drum. In her youth, Whit's grandmotherwas an item with a Catalina catch named Darren. But it was actually a ruse to fool Darren’s parents who wouldn’t have accepted his preference for men. Eventually, he left the island and chose the life—and life-partner—he wanted for himself. Back in town for his mother’s funeral, and in a surprise to the residents, Darren produced a documentary about the history of Catalina. But his film career is cut short when his partner’s dead body is discovered the night before the opening. Rumors swirl about Darren’s past, along with his partner’s—and the things they’ve done—giving a lot of folks a lot of motives. Now, it’s up to Whit and her boyfriend policeman to catch a killer, and uncover just how much Grandma Goldy knows about the back door deals tied to Darren’s past . . .

Whit and Whiskers Mystery Series

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