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Silver Gun

Author: Jane Kelly

Categories: Women Sleuths

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Meg Daniels and Andy Beck better together at the Jersey Shore! But while Andy slaves away at a hotel casino security job, Meg is doing her best to sleep late, limit her exercise, and get plenty of sand between her toes. Too much free time on this gal s hands always spells trouble, and on this trip it comes courtesy of Johnny Angelini, an Atlantic City lounge singer who channels Frank Sinatra nightly at the hotel bar.


Johnny was just an infant in 1964 when the Democratic Convention came to town and his mother, Betty Boyle, vanished without a trace. Intrigued, Meg hits the Boardwalk running to solve the 50-year-old case and bring some closure for Johnny. As she doggedly tracks down and interviews the surviving witnesses, including a former senator with powerful ties, she stumbles on a twisted cover-up. One of Meg s suspects is intent on keeping the Boyle case cold even if that means icing a meddlesome Jersey girl along with it.

Missing You in Atlantic City - Meg Daniels #4

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