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Silver Gun

Author: Don Helin

Categories: Thriller/Suspense

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


Zoom Into Books Author
Runner Up Best Fiction Great Southeast Book Festival

A trip to New York City, for Colonel Zack Kelly, is more than an opportunity to bond with his daughter, Laura. It's a chance to find out what happened to his father, an NYPD cop shot down and killed by drug dealers, then branded a dirty cop some thirty years before. Someone doesn't want Zack to learn the truth of his father's past and Zack suspects the corruption his father was investigating may have reached as high as the New York City Police Commissioner. Zack's long-time friend is visiting New York from her home in Ireland and accompanies Zack to see the leader of the New York organized crime family, who may be able to provide information about his father. A hijacking aboard the Staten Island Ferry and a plot by a group of ex-military called the Forgotten Warriors to take over the Alamo in San Antonio both seem to be intertwined, leading Zack on the longest walk of his life. And it may not even lead him home.

Long Walk Home

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