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Silver Gun

Author: Linda Palmer

Categories: Cozy

Condition: Used

Book Type: Mass Market Paperback


It’s shaping up to be one sizzling season for Morgan, and summer hasn’t even officially started. She’s hired a PI to help unravel the mystery of her childhood, rooted in a terrible secret she’s kept for years. But a more immediate crisis arises when Morgan’s best friend Nancy is arrested for the murder of her boyfriend’s evil ex. It isn’t long before Morgan’s efforts to exonerate Nancy get her into hot water—and more—with homicide detective Matt Phoenix. Meanwhile, the drama du jour on Love of My Life centers around a character whose bizarre disappearance years ago has become a chatroom joke. But in bringing back the arrogant actor who originated the role, Morgan may be opening a killer can of worms.

Kiss of Death - A Daytime Mystery #4

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