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Silver Gun

Author: Marcia Talley

Categories: Detective/Thriller

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


Hannah Ives struggled through the darkness of illness and uncertainty, and fellow patient Valerie Stone was at her side. As cancer survivors they have a lot to celebrate when they meet again at The Race for the Cure®. Valerie seems to have it all—health, new-found wealth and a husband and daughter who adore her. But their reunion is short-lived. Valerie is dead and a suspicious Hannah runs a marathon of another sort, threading her way through a maze of clues trying to uncover the cause of her friend’s untimely death. Fearing she had only months to live, Valerie had taken a viatical settlement, selling her life insurance policy through a broker. But an experimental drug had put Valerie’s cancer into remission. Had an investor been unwilling to wait for his investment to ‘mature’?

Soon residents start dying in an upscale retirement community, residents who had taken senior settlements, selling their life insurance policies, like Valerie had, for cash. Was there a connection? With the help of her eighty-something friend, L.K. Bromley, Hannah plunges into the investigation, taking her father’s advice to ‘follow the money.’

But the deeper Hannah digs the more horrifying the mystery becomes. There are those in the big business of living and dying who think she’s becoming too curious . . . and it’s high time her questions were silenced. Hannah Ives knows what it means to be a survivor. Now she’s caught in an ever-tightening web of greed, fraud and corruption, and she’s about to discover what it means to be a target.

In Death's Shadow - A Hannah Ives Mysteries Book #4

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