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Silver Gun

Author: Jane Kelly

Categories: Women Sleuths

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Newly engaged Meg Daniels stays behind at the Artistical Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City while her fiancé returns to work securing their employer s Bahamian property from Hurricane Frieda. But she's not alone for long. The talkative stranger with skinny white legs sticking out of wide Bermuda shorts turns out to be Xander Frost, rock idol and frequent Artistical guest, traveling incognito as part of his quest to learn how ordinary people live.


A woman recognizes Meg as the amateur sleuth who recently solved a mysterious disappearance from the 1960s, and asks for help in learning the fate of the sister she last knew as a 19-year-old who ran away from her Ventnor home in 1968. Xander persuades Meg to take the case, and the unlikely duo travel up and down the Jersey shore and beyond to interview the people who had known Sarah Johnson best. As they retrace her steps and Meg gets a taste of the rock star life they discover that there might be a sinister reason the trail has been cold for so long. Was she a rebellious teenager who got swept up in the counterculture and broke free of her restrictive family? Or did someone want her out of the way... permanently?


Greetings From Ventnor City - Meg Daniels #5

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