Author: Kari Bovée

Categories: Mystery & Detective / Historical

Condition: New


It's New York City in 1920 and Grace Michelle has everything she wants: a home, a family, and a future career as a costume designer for the Ziegfeld Follies. But when her sister, Sophia, the star of the show, is murdered, Grace's safe and protected life is shattered.


War veteran Chet Riker has made it a practice to keep his distance from others; love, after all, leads only to pain. But Chet has a problem--a big one: he's become indebted to mob-boss Joe Marciano in an attempt to save his estranged mother's life, and Marciano wants him to pay up or else. Desperate to get the money, he contacts former client Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. for work.


Chet is employed as a bodyguard for introverted Grace, who has reluctantly agreed to be Ziegfeld's new leading lady--on the condition that Ziegfeld promises to find Sophia's killer. But, it soon becomes clear someone is out to get Grace. Together, she and Chet must confront publicity-hungry Florenz Ziegfeld, power-driven Joe Marciano, and their own pasts to find Sophia's killer--and let themselves love once again.


Grace in the Wings – Grace Michelle #1

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