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Silver Gun

Author: France Powell

Categories: Local Authors

Condition: New Signed Edition

Book Type: Trade Paperback


She always knew they were there, hiding under her bed or in the closet, peering out from the shadows…always there…always lurking. They never spoke and she never saw them, but she always felt their presence.

There are things which can only be seen and heard by those willing to look and listen. Lucy Burke was one of those people with this rare gift. But was it really a gift or a dangerous liability?

With her parent's marriage breaking down, fifteen year old Lucy Burke is sent to Ireland to stay with the grandmother she has never met. Very soon after her arrival to the ancestral home of the Lacy's her "gift" takes a dramatic turn as the restless spirit of her great-great grandmother reaches out to her for help.

Follow Lucy's journey from her home in America to Ireland as she attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the strange disappearance of her great-great grandmother and put the spirits of Tara to rest. All of this while trying to navigate being a teenager, dealing with her parents looming divorce, and her first romance. Long hidden family secrets will be revealed as the very existence of Tara and it's inhabitants are threatened.

Ghosts of Tara - An Irish Mystery

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