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Silver Gun

Author: Donna Houston Murray

Categories: Cozy Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Paperback


Spunky amateur sleuth Ginger Barnes faces her greatest challenge—MEN! Good ones, bad ones, and detecting which is which.

While working on a DIY project at her newlywed daughter’s house, pops that sound like muffled gunshots send Gin racing for her phone. Eric, who lives next door with his grandmother, claims she’s obsessed with mystery novels. Yet after the septuagenarian falls down a flight of stairs, she’s so frantic to keep Eric away that Gin must intervene. Was the fall really attempted murder?

In her domineering husband’s eyes, another neighbor can’t do anything right. Gin takes Eric along to help the frazzled young mother move a dresser, and the electricity between the two new acquaintances sparks a chilling premonition. This time Gin’s good intentions may produce grave consequences--for everyone involved.

For Better or Worse - A Ginger Barnes Cozy Mystery Book 7

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