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Silver Gun

Author: Dennis Royer

Categories: Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


Annalise DaVinci is on the run and in hiding. Her hunter, a zealot named Leviathan, obsesses over forcing her to participate in a malicious plan of mass destruction. Having suffered an abusive past and the loss of her parents, Annalise’s situation becomes more desperate when a suspicious fire destroys her home and all of her possessions. Destitute, jobless, and with no friends or family, Annalise is alone and helpless. To make matters worse, she’s a blind woman.


Bo Camp is a young Perry County, Pennsylvania dairy farmer and volunteer firefighter. He enjoys his rural lifestyle but resents being trapped on the family farm. He seeks something more from life but can’t reconcile his desires with the obligation to his family. During a record-breaking drought, Bo responds to a fire call and discovers the victim to be an enthralling but antagonistic blind woman. Her beauty and vulnerability kindles his protective nature, and Bo finds himself drawn to her.


Annalise has no choice but to accept Bo’s offer of assistance and friendship. As their friendship develops into something more, Annalise dares to dream that she can escape her past. Instead, she entangles Bo ever-deeper into her life of terror.


Flash Friends - New Perry County Mysteries #1

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