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Silver Gun

Author:  James McCrone

Categories:  Political Thriller

Condition: New

Book Type:  Trade Paperback


A "fast-moving topical thriller. Its surprising twists add up to a highly suspenseful read." --Publishers Weekly


"A gripping and intelligently executed political drama." --Kirkus Review


Matthew Yamashita, a young researcher, uncovers a series of suspicious deaths among Electors while collecting polling data. Seven have died, seemingly by accident, and he's the only one with a national list tracking all Electors. No one else has put it together because the lists are tracked state-by-state and no two Electors have died in any given state.


Matthew and his mentor, Duncan Calder, get to work trying to figure out why it's happening. While the suspicious deaths are only on their radar, they're already in the sights of the conspirators.


When FBI agent Imogen Trager is first confronted with the evidence she's skeptical, but as she glimpses how deep the plot goes--and how high--she too begins to fear for her life. Who can she trust, and how can she follow the trail? The legitimacy of the presidency hangs in the balance. Can she save America from a web of corruption without a name? There are fewer than three weeks until the real presidential election.


The debut novel in the Imogen Trager series.

Faithless Elector - Imogen Trager #1

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