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  • ESCAPE THE MAZE: Based on the classic Edward Gorey book The Evil Garden, players take on the role of unsuspecting gentlefolk who race to survive an afternoon in the The Evil Garden. First person to escape the garden wins!
  • CHOOSE YOUR STRATEGY WISELY: Players must use their Character’s special traits to their advantage (or, in some cases, disadvantage). Will you take it slow and steady, or risk it all in order to sprint ahead and be the first to escape?
  • ENTRAP! MODE: In this bonus semi-cooperative mode, one player may become the Garden. As the ne’er-do-well foliage works to ensnare the entire party, the humans work together to outwit and outrun the Garden before time runs out.
  • GENERATIONS OF FUN: For 2–6 players, ages 10 and up, Escape from The Evil Garden gives players the chance to experience Edward Gorey’s signature drawings and iconic storytelling in a brand new way.
  • TONS OF REPLAYABILITY: With a double-sided board and two different game modes, Escape from The Evil Garden provides unique gameplay time and time again.

Escape From The Evil Garden - Edward Gorey Board Game

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