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Silver Gun

Author: Sheryl C.D. Ickes

Illustrator: Sarah Ickes

Product Description: 3 inches by 11 inches when folded, in transparent bag; 8.5 inches by 11 inches when unfolded.


Summary: Each Christmas, Grammy Joy gifts her grandkids with presents. If they visit on the twelfth day of December, they get to play a special “Grammy Day” Gnome game. Eight differently decorated metal gnome cans stand on a table: seven have chocolate candy and candy canes, and one has a “Grammy Day” certificate worth a full day of “one-on-one” with Grammy Joy. With Detective Micron and Geo to help read the clues, can you figure out which gnome Gabriel should pick in order to win the ultimate prize and to have some bragging rights over his sisters?


Do You Gnome What I Know? - Detective Micron and Geo Riddle

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