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Silver Gun

Author: Michelle Haring

Categories: Cozy Mystery

Condition: New

Book Type: Trade Paperback


After Violet finishes a PHD in popular culture, she finds that her degree didn’t prepare her for the real world. She takes a job in selling cars before finding herself in the middle of a mystery.


My life plan checklist was:

Finish my Ph.D. in Popular Culture

Find a job as a tenured professor (I wish)

Buy a house (HA)

Adopt a cat


Not on my life checklist:

Move in with my 72 year old grandfather, Lando

Get a job selling cars

Find a dead blonde in a convertible


My new checklist

Solve her murder, so the police don’t suspect me

Avoid becoming the next victim


My colleagues in academia think I’m unemployed. I refuse to use my academic title in the car business. I’m Dr. Violet Landovic, and I sell cars.

Death of a Saleswoman - A Death Motors Mystery 1

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